Electroslag welding machine AD-381S for welding in site

Compared to manual arc welding of vertical welds in site, the machine allows raising the efficiency more than 10 times. A stable high quality of the welds is ensured, requirements to welders'qualifications are lowered, and edge preparation for welding is greatly simplified.

The system includes the machine proper, control panel and power unit of the control system. The machine proper consists of four modules, which are quickly installed without using additional tools. Guide rail is rolled steel angle bar of the following section 50x50x5 mm. Machine control panel is fitted with digital indicators of welding speed (m/h), each electrode feed rate (m/h) and each electrode welding voltage (V).The machine allows welding to be performed using both d.c. and a.c. power sources.

Starting from 2003 the prototypes of this machine have been successfully applied by specialists of OJSC'Mittal Steel Krivij Rig". In particular, application of this machine allowed successfully performing repair of Europe's largest blast furnace DP-9.

аппарат электрошлаковой сварки

In 2005 this machine was used to perform electroslag welding of all vertical butt joints of the case of DP-5 blast furnace during its construction at the Enakievo Metallurgical Plant, Enakievo.

At the present time electroslag welding is currently used for making erection joints of cases of blast furnaces, converters and other metallurgical installations under construction.


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